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Accounts Payable

Interim Accounting Manager, Accounting 

Kevin Streeter, ext. 4084


Accounts Payable is responsible for processing and recording all non-payroll expenditures.



Blanket POs

Employee Reimbursements

Payment/Purchase Order Inquiry

Miscellaneous Forms

Guidelines and Other Information


*please note the independent service contract is now on the purchasing department's webpage


Please remember that anything paid from district funds MUST be delivered to a school or district site, NOT an employee's home.

Accounts Payable Team

Elaine Johnston, ext. 4083

Rich Harris, ext. 4082

Edith Guthrey, ext. 4085

Andrea Rose, ext. 4086



Who Do I Contact For...

Vendors A-I   Edith Guthrey

Vendors J-Z   Andrea Rose


For All Other Payment Inquiries, Please Contact the Senior Account Clerk Assigned to Your Site