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Landscape Department


The Landscape Department is responsible for maintaining and developing over 700 acres controlled by the Mt. Diablo Unified School District in order to keep our school and facility grounds safe.

This includes Weed Control, Irrigation System Repair, Pruning, Mowing, Athletic Field Maintenance, Rodent Management & Fire Safety. 

If you have any questions regarding flooding, broken limbs, weed control, sprinkler repairs needs or another grounds needs, please contact our Landscape Manager.
For emergencies, please call our dispatch line at 925-825-7440, extension 3884.



Brian Patterson, Landscape Manager


Phone: 925-825-7440, extension 3822


Heather Johnston, Secretary


Phone: 925-825-7440, extension 3802


M&O Dispatch 

Phone: 925-825-7440, extension 3884