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Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan   




The Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

The Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP) is part of the overall budget package for K-12 that seeks to address funding stability for schools proving information on how student learning continuity will be addressed during the COVID-19 crisis in the 2020-21 school year.  The Learning Continuity Plan includes descriptions of how the district will address gaps in learning, maintain transparency, address the needs of unduplicated pupils, students with unique needs, and students experiencing homelessness.  Provide access to necessary devices and connectivity for distance learning, provide resources and supports to address student and staff mental health and social emotional well-being, and continue to provide school meals for students.  LCP templates in multiple languages can be found here.

Mt. Diablo held a Public Hearing on September 22, 2020.  Community feedback responses can be found here.   The Plan was brought back and approved on September 28, 2020.



                                                                                  LCP Final 2020-2021 - English

                                                                                 LCP Final 2020-2021 - Spanish 



Local Control Accountability Plan

As required by Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Education Codes 42103, 42127, and 52062, all school districts must develop a three year Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP.)  The LCAP must be updated every year, be aligned to eight areas identified as state priorities, and describe the school district’s overall vision for students, annual goals and specific actions the district will take to achieve the vision and achievement targets.   In addition, the LCAP describes how the district’s budget will help achieve the goals, and how the district will assess each year how well the strategies in the plan were able to improve outcomes. Mt. Diablo’s LCAP addresses college and career readiness, professional learning, engaging parents and community members, and the targeting of support for special populations.  These students include foster youth, English learners, low income, and students with disabilities. Over the past 6 months, Council members, advisory groups, and school sites have facilitated meetings with key stakeholder groups providing opportunities for staff, students and community members to provide input on the district’s instructional program. 

A public hearing was held on June 10, 2019 to solicit public comment on the 2019-2020 Local Control Accountability Plan.  The document was approved by the Board of Education on June 24, 2019.


LCAP MDUSD 2019-2020 - English

LCAP MDUSD 2019-2020 - Spanish