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Measure J

At its June 25, 2018 meeting, the District’s Board of Trustees included an informational item looking at a potential new general obligation funding measure; on July 23, the Board held a special meeting and study session on the proposed measure, and approved a resolution that places a $150 million general obligation bond on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

If approved, Measure J would cost approximately $15 for every $100,000 of assessed value - not market value - per year, and would provide locally-controlled funding to upgrade and improve schools throughout our District.

While the final list of needs that could be addressed by the passage of Measure J is still being developed with the input from our community through the phased implementation of our Facility Master Plan and our ongoing Facilities Priorities Survey, it is expected that a local measure would provide for major safety upgrades; sport and play field improvements; state-of-the-art technology and technology programs for career technology, science, and engineering programs; and additional funds for roofing, plumbing, and other repairs and replacements.

Supporting 21st-Century Instruction

Providing a 21st-century education requires up-to-date classrooms. This means additional technology upgrades so as students enter college or careers, they are proficient with technology programs. It means creating science and computer labs, and learning environments for our career technical education programs so they mirror the real workplace. And it means updated and more sophisticated safety measures.

Safety Upgrades and Repairs

Safe classrooms, campuses, and other school facilities are essential to a quality education. Needed improvements include upgrades to our emergency communications systems, and adding more security cameras, fire alarms, and lighting, especially near our fields. There are also important repairs and upgrades to be made at our schools to improve safety from an operations perspective, with updated plumbing and fixtures, and electrical wiring.

The purpose of our Facilities Master Plan is to define the long-range goals for facility planning that support the educational objectives of the District. It is strategic in nature and identifies a vision for the next 10-20 years. Ultimately, the Plan aids in decision-making so that school facility improvements move toward a common, coordinated vision.

While the District cannot advocate for the measure under state law, we may provide factual information about the measure. These resources are listed below. For additional information about Measure J or to reach a member of the Measure J campaign committee, please email



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