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Mental Health Webinars

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MDUSD's Open Conversations About Mental Health Series continues.

     New topics are ready for exploring. Preview the session lineup below, which starts on Tuesday evening. Going forward, each webinar will be from 5:00PM - 6:15PM on Zoom. Simultaneous Spanish interpretation will be available, and audience members may choose to participate and interact, or watch only. Our mental health professionals are also taking questions in advance to help guide future discussion

Our Why

     Our professionals are here to help. The stress and responsibilities of ordinary life are already difficult to manage, and this pandemic has created conditions that challenge our mental health and wellbeing even more so. Still, there are practical skills, remedies, and tools that can make all the difference. Tune in to ask your questions, express your concerns, and hear from our mental health professionals.

     To promote wellness, answer questions, and address common student and family mental health concerns, MDUSD has assembled a panel of mental health professionals to host this webinar series that is free and open to all. The panel consists of MDUSD mental health staff, including school counselors, school psychologists, social work specialists, behavioral health specialists, and college and career advisors.

Parent Mental Health Resources

View Previous Webinars:

  • 06/01/2021 (#7) Parenting Elementary Age Students - We're Here to Help
    • How do I support my child to safely make friends and socialize? What are some activities that I can try during the summer?
    • How do I support my child playing independently with less screen time? What are some guidelines for screen time?
    • How do I support my child with self regulation when upset? What is a “normal” temper tantrum for elementary age students?
    • How do I support my child’s transition back to being in a classroom full time next school year? Is it too late to sign up for summer school anywhere?
    • How do I support my child to navigate social media, apps and platforms safely?
    • How do I celebrate the resilience of my child navigating the past year?

06/01/2021 (#7) Parenting Elementary Age Students - We're Here to Help - English Vieweng mental

06/01/2021 (#7) Parenting Elementary Age Students - We're Here to Help - Spanish Viewspan mental


  • 05/11/2021 (#6) Parents Of Teens And Tweens
    • How do I support a disengaged teen?
    • How can we support the differences in our children?
    • How to help your teens find their own identity and create positive peer influences?
    • How do we successfully support our teens transition back to in- person learning?
    • How do I foster independence with my teen/tween?
    • How do I encourage resilience in my teen?



04/20/2021 (#5) Anxiety and Depression

  • What does anxiety and depression look like in children? In adolescents?
  • What is the relationship between sleep and anxiety and depression?
  • What is going on with the brain during anxiety and depression?
  • How can I help my child manage anxiety and/or depression? What are some healthy habits my child can practice?
  • At what point should I seek help for my child? When do I need to seek help-in school or outside therapy?
  • What can I do when as a parent/guardian, I'm feeling anxious or depressed and am still caring for my children?


03/30/2021 (#4) Recognizing When To Get Help Beyond The Home

  • What are typical symptoms and/or signs of depression in children and adolescents? How may they differ from adult symptoms?
  • Are there any strategies I can use as a parent before seeking professional help?
  • What signs will my child show that could signal that I need to get professional help?
  • What signs/symptoms require more urgent care?
  • If my child is suicidal or engaging in self harm what steps can I take to keep them safe, including accessing care?
  • How do I navigate accessing community based therapy/mental health/wellness services?
  • What low cost resources does the district/community have for counseling?

03/09/2021 (#3) Parent Wellness with Self Care

  • How do you engage in self care when you are parenting and supporting distance or hybrid learning?
  • What strategies help parents prioritize their own self care?
  • What does parenting and self care during a pandemic look like?
  • What are free and low cost resources to support parent self care?
  • How do I know when I need to seek professional help for myself?
  • What are the top 3 coping tools or take away messages parents can use in terms of dealing with covid stress?

02/23/2021 (#2) Students Helping Students
Discussion on the following: 

  • What are successful examples of Students helping Students?
  • What are the benefits and risks of my student helping others?
  • What can my child do if they are concerned,  about a friend?
  • What can my child do to help their siblings?
  • What are some ways that a student can help destigmatize and support the mental health of their peers and school community?

01/25/2021 (#1) Social Wellness, Engagement, and Support
Discussion on the following: 

  • How can parents/guardians  create social opportunities for my child during distance learning?
  • How can I find support for my child’s social/emotional well being within MDUSD?
  • I am afraid my children are falling behind academically. How can I best support them during this trying time?
  • My student is lacking motivation during the pandemic, how can I support my child and help them become more engaged in their classes?