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Parking Lot Wireless

Dear MDUSD Community,

We are excited to announce an opportunity for students to get wireless Internet access via school parking lots for those students without access at home. Please see below for more details:

What: WiFI access for MDUSD students and MDUSD devices is available in school parking lots as identified below.

Who: MDUSD students with MDUSD school-issued Chromebooks or iPads.

How: Park your car in the identified parking lot in the recommended location.  When the MDUSD device is within range, it should connect automatically to the student MDUSD network. There should be signs indicating parking lot areas with WIFI coverage.

When: 8:00am-4:00pm from Monday thru Friday until June 3rd. No service on Memorial Day.

Where: The schools listed below offer wireless in some of their parking lot areas. Please review the attached maps below as some schools may multiple parking lots and not all of them have wireless coverage.

  • Cambridge Elementary School (map)*
  • College Park High School(map)
  • Concord High School(map)**
  • El Dorado Middle School(map)*
  • Holbrook Language Academy(map)
  • Meadow Homes Elementary School(map)*
  • Oak Grove Middle School(map)
  • Pine Hollow Middle School(map)
  • Rio Vista Elementary School(map)
  • Riverview Middle School(map)*

*These schools have food drop offs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11:00-12:30pm. Parking may be limited at this time.

**Farmers market is hosted at Concord High School from 9:00am-2:00pm on Tuesdays. Parking may be limited at this time.

Please note that adherence to strict social distancing protocols is required. Families are to remain in their vehicles while on MDUSD campuses.



Is the Wifi open to the public.

No, this priority Internet access is being given to MDUSD students that are using MDUSD devices only.

Can I connect with my personal device?

No, this access is designed to work with school-issued MDUSD devices only. Please contact your school principal to check out a device if you do not have access to a device currently.

How do I connect to the wireless?

All MDUSD Chromebooks and iPads are configured to automatically connect to the student MDUSD WiFi network when powered up or wake-up from sleep; no further configuration should be necessary.  You can access the student MDUSD WiFi network when parked in a school parking lot near a sign stating MDUSD Student Wifi available here.  Please note that connection stability and speed may be affected by the local environment (solar panels, other wireless networks, etc.), and the best locations will be closer to the buildings.  If given a choose to connect to the wireless network, please choose the network ‘MDUSD’ – this network provides students WiFi access to the internet and asks the student to authenticate as a valid student user in MDUSD.  Once connected the student should have normal access to the applications and websites the teacher has specified that they use for classroom activities.  

How fast is this access? The WIFI access should be sufficient for most general web browsing, although video streaming may not be possible in some areas.

What if I forgot my computer password?

If the student doesn’t remember their password – either email or call during regular school hours 925-682-8000 x4920 and choose the option you need help with.

What happens if my Chromebook doesn’t power on?

If the MDUSD device will not connect to the network – first power it down and restart it.  That should clear any corrupted or cached information.  If it still won’t connect then contact the MDUSD helpdesk by either email, or call during regular school hours 925-682-8000 x4920 and choose the option you need help with.  If the MDUSD device won’t power up – connect it to the charger; after charging and it still doesn’t power up contact your school principal and exchange the device.