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MDUSD 45-Day Budget Revision Presentation
Posted 8/11/22

Education Code Section 42127(h) calls for the public review, within 45 days, of any budget revisions that a school district decides to make based on the enactment of the State Budget.


When MDUSD approved its budget, the State of California had not completed its budget and the trailer bill language that specifies the rules of budget implementation for different programs.


As a result, MDUSD has to present a 45-day revision that responds to the changes the State made to its budget since mid-June 2022. The deadline to make the 45 Day Budget Revision available to the public is August 11, 2022, which is prior to the posting of the August 17th board agenda, so the presentation with the information required by the Contra Costa County Office of Education is being made available on the MDUSD website on August 11, 2022 and is also being shared on social media. A copy of the presentation is also being sent to the Contra Costa County Office of Education on August 11, 2022.


Click here for the presentation or see the attachment.