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Equity Team Purpose


Our Equity Team is focused on teacher support and student success. 

We support school teams in providing training in the  following areas:

¨ Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

¨ Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

¨ Restorative Practices

¨ Check and Connect (for our Counselors)


We believe in promoting a restorative mindset shift from punitive practices. 

We believe in inclusiveness, relationship building and problem-solving. 

We  believe equity lives and thrives in the classroom

We believe all members of a school staff are Guardians of Equity and inasmuch, educate without bias and with a lens of possibility with focused , positive outcomes  for all students.


The Equity Department is focused on student success and good first instruction. We focus on the fairness of EACH student having the opportunity to become their social, emotional and academic best and out of the classroom.  We believe in “Academic Nirvana”... that purpose-driven, transformational and culturally relevant place where inclusion is deliberate and educational  practices  are structured to help students feel safe and open to learning.  We want all students to achieve.


Equity Office

Equity Staff
Equity Staff
Guardians of Equity
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