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Budget Survey Results Students - Reduction Suggestions

What suggestions do you have for budget reductions in MDUSD?

  • Save money by cutting out
  • i Personally think to get more money is get a lot more fundraisers
  • Save moneys by reducing class length?. More students would come. Not sure prioritize students needs but understand money is tough.
  • If the schools are getting less money then the state should spend money on something as important
  • I suggest that we get less books because they get ruined by kids and purchase online copies to read on the chrome books instead. This will start making things more digital and easier to do.
  • if the schools are getting less money then the state then they should spend it on more chromebooks.
  • I think we should spend less on books
  • Cut funding to sports teams at mount diablo high school.
  • new books
  • if needed spend less money on less sports and clubs to spend more efforts on actual class and education 
  • Less Books so we can get better food
  • less time in school
  • i dont think the district is spending to much money on anything.
  • for the school to have better sports program and a easer was to earn credits
  • what the school has to offer and can except and anything will help the school
  • stop spending money on tables
  • i don't understand why we're cutting any budgets? the education system is already below average, for students and teachers. I think one big thing a lot of kids and young adults in america are struggling with is mental health, yet we have little to no support for any outlets to have our feelings be validated and potentially learn new coping skills. And teachers feel overwhelmed by the amount of extra work they have to do that wasn't listed in the job application, and of course there's no extra pay for that either. The world is advancing more and more each day, and there are millions of young adults going into the real world in the next year, you want to prepare them for whats to come but you supply them with the bare minimum? And the teachers who are supposed to guide them into adulthood are only making enough to barely get by, how are they supposed to focus on equipping the next generation with the tools they will need when they're worried about making rent? there are a lot of flaws in the education system, and those who dedicate their lives to teaching are doing what they can to make the most of the small budget they're given, cutting it even more seems absurd to me? my suggestion is that we speak up for the younger generations so we have at least a fighting chance in the world, we deserve a better education.
  • we should spend less money on the field trips because barely people go.
  • Reduce football department budget
  • Maybe shorten the school day, therefore reducing the amount of subjects. (electives) If students wish to participate in these extracurricular activities, they have to do it afterschool. These afterschool things would balance the time back to the "old" school dismissal time.
  • take away auto class
  • A suggestion for budget reductions could be, to maybe save less during field trips?
  • Stop buying unnecessary things, like replacing the thermostats. 
  • Stop impulsive buying, like benches in the quad at Concord High School.  Revisit priorities. 
  • Spend less on unnecessary structural upgrades and spend more on teachers
    Do not cut engineering program or counselors
    Stop hiring professional tutors and recruit high school/college volunteers to provide said tutoring
  • We can reduce making unnecessary upgrades (football fields, or new lab rooms)
  • Keep reductions AWAY from classrooms, students and teachers.
  • Don't spend money on things that students don't use
  • Use money smarter and don't waste it.
  • The district should take some money and spend it on ad/commercials, etc. to promote it and have more parents donate. Or just ask the government for more money
  • Don't spend money on things students don't like and think are useless
  • Lower budget for campus renovation.
  • cut down spending money on things that are not useful at schools.
  • Reduce the budget for sports and focus more on our education.
  • Charge more for events.