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Budget Survey Results Students - Revenue Suggestions

What suggestions do you have to generate District revenue?


  • Fundraisers at the school or stores that would like to help .Things we would be interested in.
  • spend money on things we need. like food for students who cant afford it and other tools to enhance our education
  • Make more sport teams and then they can do fundraisers for the school, or instead of that we could just do a normal fundraiser for the school that doesn't involve sports such as door to door soliciting. Also get better school lunch because no one wants to buy the lunch there is.
  • We should spend it on better lunch because its not healthy or good.
  • We should have more appetizing school lunch so kids will want to buy it
  • reduce the salaries of law enforcement and give the teachers more money.
  • Try to reach out to the students and teachers
  • fundraisers
  • spend money on food
  • do fundraisers that get the students involved and wanting to sell the items of choice kinda like in elementary school 
  • Funding
  • shorter time means more people are going to come to school that means the school  makes money
  • you could start a go fund me program to get that missing money
  • fundraisers for graduation students 
  • requiere kids to do car washes or events do raise money
  • spend money on food, electronics etc. make fundraisers to make more money for the school.
  • spend more on school lunches
  • fundraiser, protests, boycotts, writing to the city and district, having students write to congress, etc
  • Fundraiser
  • fundraiser
  • Website advertising on District website, Sell naming rights, scoreboard and school facility advertisements, Students do community/charity work for donations, Sell unused textbooks,
  • Investing in ideas of others and making a school district students, parents, and teachers are proud of
  • Going along with my former answer, maybe charge $1.50 a quarter, $2 a tri, and $6 a semester for these after school electives. Maybe even cheaper.
  • car wash fundraisers
  • have some fundraisers, maybe let companies pay for advertisement on buses,
  • fundraisers
  • To make money, create more school events that you would charge for.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Dinner fundraisers across the community to generate revenue
    Supplement budget by selling more spirit gear and directing that money to provide for student activities
  • An official, unfunded Academic Decathlon of the district, whereby the program can initiate fundraisers to enter competitions that can potentially provide money not just for the program but for the school as well.
  • Charge more for events
  • Make students outside of their home school pay less when going to an event at an another school.
  • Charge more for events.
  • have outside event pay more for using property
  • Reduce spending for unnecessary items and charge higher prices for guests, such as guests entering football games and other events.
  • Have district wide fundraisers
  • Charge more for non-school events that use our schools.