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Budget Survey Results Certificated Staff - Revenue Suggestions

What suggestions do you have to generate district revenue?


  • Close schools and sell the land to rebuild and remodel remaining school. Don’t allow closed schools to linger and get gobbled up by wasteful Charter Schools. Open up a high school in Bay Point and stop the wasteful busing to Concord schools.
  • Allow all sites to have TK, might boost the ADA.
  • LCSW,LMFT all bill county  all mental health service provided
  • Consider allowing advertising on website. Try to pass a bond or parcel tax. 
  • Invest in annual community fairs that showcase the district at one event for all schools. Send representatives to the state level to speak with senators and representatives of the state to communicate directly how budget impacts schools.
  • parcel tax; get behind state initiatives
  • I live in Concord and will advocate and vote for a parcel tax.
  • Fundraisers, sponsors, parent involvement
  • Bring back corporate sponsorship to the district. Healthy-option vending machines, buildings named after companies/entities, etc.
  • Grants, fundraisers, destiny district that attracts families and students, community involvement to help supplement costs that district can’t cover.
  • Lease out space, close recently opened schools
  • Grant funding and financial donation requests to large tech companies like Google, Pandora, Adobe, etc. 
  • hire an individual who inputs Medi-Cal billing
  • I would suggest researching Environmentally Sustainable products, services, programs and methods associated with the workings of the Department of Maintenance and Operations. The information associated and linked to the Green Ribbon School Award could help the district save some money. A teacher at Foothill Middle School would be willing to help the district save money associated with this program.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Community fundraising
  • Schools and Communities First initiative
  • Hire a PT marketing person for your MDUSD programs that generate revenue.
  • Well, we have to sell cookie dough and wrapping paper to purchase what we need....this whole thing is a mess. Years of top heavy leadership and misspending have left us here. This community won't support another bond measure on the ballot. We need to start rallying a governor who dumps millions in birth-5 programs and free junior college tuition yet we continue to get left out in the cold.
  • Sell all land that isn’t being used. Closed properties. Also,  hire a genius at grant writing. Work on community and corporate engagement. We live in an area with a lot of huge corporations. This is an untapped area for schools.
  • 1. Have you tried asking businesses to "adopt" schools?
    2. Could the school district sponsor an ice rink -- like the one in downtown Walnut Creek? The parking lot at SunValley Mall might be a good place for a temporary rink.
    3. Could the school district offer carnivals?
    4. Do we still have a grant writer? Are there any grants out there that we could apply for? Maybe if someone let the teachers/parents know which grants are available, people would be willing to apply for them?
  • 1-Create a centralized rental space calendar, and expand renting of spaces including classrooms, gyms, multi-use rooms, theaters, etc.  2-Work on building outside corporate sponsorships, advertising, and other partnerships. 3-Create classroom projects (videos, photo books, etc.) that really share what is happening in the classroom and offer it for sale. (Create something that is easy to duplicate, so you can sale multiple copies easily.) 4-Audit federal and state funding sources to ensure MDUSD is getting and using all the funds available possible. 5-Sale all used stuff not going to be reused in the district (ebay, Craigslist, or have a quarterly district sale of things that will be disposed of (old library books, old tech equipment, etc.). 6-Give teachers the opportunity to offer paid after school classes (cooking, knitting, choir, cheerleading, game design, etc.) with part of the parent-paid cost going to the teacher and part to the school or district.
  • Educate parents and community members on the Prop 13 modification coming up.
  • We should do one- to-one devices, with families required to purchase insurance for their devices. The cost of replacing or repairing damaged machines is crazy, and many students don't appreciate or care for their machines. Get grants to support these purchases.
  • Is it possible to find big corporations that can donate money/funds to our schools? Some companies do that to help public schools.
  • Close Hollbrook; sell or lease out unused properties
  • Rent out space at Willow Creek or other sites; charge some sort of fee for after-school programs - it is free at my school; have a huge rummage sale with furniture, filing cabinets, etc.
  • Bonds, parent donations.
  • hold a bake sale
  • Fundraising through PFCs.   
  • I’m not quite sure how revenue works other than increasing school attendance.

    Perhaps think about year round school to provide more chances for vacationing that aren’t during school times?

    Honestly, I’ve got no ideas here. Rent space during weekends?
  • promote prop 13
  • Local bonds and fixing Prop 13
  • Fund raising...consolidation.
  • Is generating revenue a function of a school district, even in lean times? 
  • More High school employment training programs that could generate a profit too
  • Increase funding to Alt Ed. Develop a marketing campaign around it. Compete with the charter schools that are taking our students!
  • Close a small school and sell the property... San Ramon has the same number of students and only 34 schools. The overhead and property maintenance costs for our small schools, while likely not millions of dollars, would be a savings HOWEVER selling the property would make money. Schools with small enrollments 350 or under (I believe we have at least 4 of them) could have students rehoused at neighboring schools. I don't see us having a housing boom that won't require the builder to build a school (Naval Weapons Station).
  • Local businesses and corporations ought to be given a chance to invest in the MDUSD.  What form that would take (sponsorship, partnerships, etc) should be up for further discussion.
  • other districts have fun runs and other district wide fundraisers.  why doesn't MDUSD do this? We are a massive district and could generate a lot of money
  • --More funding from the state - mass protests. 
    --Promote facility rentals.
    --Corporate sponsorships.   
  • 4 day school week is a big way to reduce costs and provide quality education.
    Public awareness.
  • Replace antiquated neighborhood property tax based funding system with equitable distribution of funds based on needs and demands of ACE and high needs/risk students across the district. Put a measure on the next ballot to increase taxes to raise revenue needed to balance the budget and generate income through mutual funds and money markets; stipulate only the funds generated from interest can be used on spending. Hire a consultant to audit the district and eliminate unnecessary spending/ staff positions.
  • Selling unused land or property.  There is a parcel next to Fair Oaks Elementary school that was once going to be sold or rented for a HeadStart program but the deal fell through. That parcel is still unused.
  • allow alcohol on school sites when school is not in session to make facilities more appealing to rental.
  • A significant bond measure to the tune of $1B or more, similar to other large districts in CA; Sponsorships and advertisements on district property; Create plan of action to get Clayton Valley Charter back in the district; Hire for a unique grant writing position at district office; Work more closely with corporations and organizations who will give/support our students
  • The schools and communities first petition will hopefully pass with support from all
    we need to come together (all unions) to force California into giving more to the schools - we are the richest state yet giving the least to schools - doesn't make sense
  • Challenge Clayton Valley Charter.
  • The district should do everything it can to help pass bills that bring revenue to schools such as the amendment to change propostion 13 to change property taxes on businesses and use the funds to help schools and community services. The district also might consider doing a parcel tax. The district might also look into raising the rent on any group, company, or charter that uses district buildings or land. Rent prices have skyrocketed in California, but I doubt the school district is matching the private sector increases.
  • I think this needs to come from the state level at this point. California has been under funding schools for a long time.
  • Engage the District Property with Private business activities.
  • Workshops on Donors Choose.  (Administers helping the reluctant to "click".  Taxes.
  • There are some e-cigarette / Juul lawsuits that other districts are involved with
  • Bonds on upcoming ballots.
  • Not allow charter school ripoffs
  • Increase media about how wonderful our district is- increase positive reputation
  • Recruit students/families who attend private schools, offering more opportunities for choice schools as an alternative to private school. Extending kindergarten to full day will also help with this, since parents can't afford childcare for short days, they often choose private school.
  • Rent out the facilities to the public.
  • Increase commercial property tax.
  • Petition the state
  • Each Spring, create a fundraising plan per department - get dates on the calendar for the following school year!
  • take a bond issue to the voters!
  • Cut all ties to any chart schools within district boundries.
    Re-purpose or sell closed sites for corporate rentals.
  • we need to go to the state governor level to ask more funding, show them the data of why we need more money. cost of living is high here in the bay area, the highest out of any other place in the US.
  • writing grants for specific programs
  • Establish partnerships with outside agencies that provide grants, seek more grants to support acquisition of current curriculum, improve student learning experiences and dashboard  scores, so families do not leave the district. Examine the departure patterns and learn why families are leaving, many leave to attend neighboring, higher scoring districts, and are unhappy with MDUSD. Could we learn why and help improve our reputation and thus keep students longer?
  • Work with city and realtors to attract homebuyers with affordable housing such as co-ops for purchase rather than a dump for 800K with homeless at your doorstep
  • Given the encroaching SPED budget referenced, the district has this large CMH Medi-Cal budget that is being underutilized and under-billed, eaten up by SPED positions for students that don't have MediCal..However, please closely note that there is the ability to expand positions that serve Medi-Cal students to increase the offset costs within the contract and bring in more Medi-Cal reimbursement. For example, structures can be put in place to have the itinerant ERMHS BHS bill M/C for any of their caseloads who have M/C. Also, adding additional full-time Medi-Cal BHS providers who serve solely M/C at high impacted sites with demonstrated need for site integrated supports, like Olympic HS and other MS and HS sites, would offset the costs in the contract for the SEEC sites where the overhead and the services for ERMHS non-M/C students is lowering the reimbursement funds possible. These BHS positions are cost-neutral to the district when they are targeting only Medi-Cal populations but have the advantage of positively impacting site systems of care, cultures of supports, and again increasing the Medi-Cal revenue back to the district that is being underutilized within the current and past CMH contracts. These BHS positions could also serve ERMHS students at their sites who have Medi-Cal providing more responsive and proactive site supports as well as not referring these students out to CMH outpatient or district non-billing Itinerant BHS providers, as is typically the practice.
  • Do some of the fundraisers that schools do - fun run, auction, dollars for text books drive, carnival but at a district level. Although they are tough to pass, a bond measure. Explore a 4 day week or renting out MU or fields on days when school isn't in session. Start an empty room lights out campaign. Is there extra energy from the solar panels? Could it be sold? Do we need more panels to save on electricity costs? Sell off the hundreds of excess hard cover books, equipment, desks etc, instead of storing them. Look for corporate donations and grants that will help fund necessities.
  • Bonds
  • More fundraisers! Especially as a district community and not just site based. 
  • possibly reaching out to private donors/contributors who support public education
  • Renting spaces for community events.  Offer more online classes for credit.  Schools can find ways to make up seat time for ADA by offering Saturday school or online classes where we can see the time it took them to complete the assignments or students making up lost time in office hours. 
  • I suggest we sell the land these closed schools are on. I also believe we should use bond measures, etc. to generate more funding for our district.
  • Require eligible staff to make MediCal billing a priority.
  • Rent out facilities.
  • Sell unused property.
    Apply for grants.
    Support Schools and Communities First.
  • go local and get a measure on the ballots
  • Campaign to pass Prop 13.
  • Parcel tax, more business/industry partners, continue to access and apply for grant, business sponsors, donation campaign, Attendance programs and incentives, more Saturday school options to recapture attendance, increase use permit fees to outside agencies
  • We can have more fund raisers and higher priced baskets for our Auctions.
  • Ballot measure. Also, administrators need a pay cut.
  • create a measure for the next vote
  • Fundraisers. When I was a kid we had fundraisers all of the time.
  • Parents need to support their children's education.  Many students don't come with the basics, paper, pencil, lunch. 
  • I am constantly going past the Walnut Creek School Districts sign for raising money. Why can't MDUSD do something like that? Can we not create a fundraiser to help support our school teachers, and staff? This money has to go to protecting those individuals that work closely on a daily basis with our students, i.e. teachers, librarians, support staff, etc.not district offices who have lost touch with our students and staff needs. Property taxes is another option. Address the State Government and the Secretary of Education regarding more money coming to our public schools.
  • Bond Measure
  • Add Propositions to the ballot
  • No new taxes we
  • Have businesses in the area sponsor classes for example, a second grade class would be sponsored
  • modest parcel tax, petition the state, push concord to develop Naval Weapons Station. Sell unused real estate, if there is any.
  • Increase attendance. Have full day Kindergarten and morning day care at the elementary level to avoid Rocket-ship taking our -students. Are organizations and charters paying a market value when they use our properties. Go for a parcel tax. Bring students attending non public schools to programs housed in the district.
  • Students and family need to be more aware of the cost of every absence.
  • We can look at incorporating the edible gardens to our school lunches.
  • Parcel tax
  • 1. leasing or renting facilities  2.  advertising partnerships 
  • parcel tax, fun runs, corporate partnerships
  • Stop redirecting funds towards charter schools that should be going to our school district. Push for an increase in property taxes on local large businesses and corporations that are not paying their fair share to the district. Push for the state to increase funding, or decrease the amount being put into the state retirement system.
  • in the past, I know the district has tried unsuccessfully to pass a parcel tax, but that would be one way to generate funding.
  • Pay for after school program rather than free.
  • advertising at sport games, on buses, parcel tax, tax concord business who still pay Prop 13 taxes
  • *Parcel tax
    *Can you bring CVHS back? Not sure if that would help
  • smarter use of funds, better oversight of expenditures
  • Ads on school buses.
  • Find out why the Lottery monies are not coming to education as it should be.  Have the pay outs not as huge to the "winner" and plug the money into the school system.
    Perhaps hosting a district wide auction and invite the local industry and businesses to attend/sponsor the event. Ask industry and business to support particular areas of interest in the district.
    Talk to the state level and seek the proper funding that should be coming to districts in the state.
  • It is my understanding that the district is under-billing its contract with Medical to provide mental health services to students who qualify under their IEP for ERMHS. While Behavioral Health Specialists (BHS) at the SEEC programs as well as school psychologists at the clinic bill Medical, the itinerant BHS do not bill Medical. If the district is looking to increase revenue, specifically for special education services, it would be beneficial to require itinerant BHS to open students who have medical and bill all services under the same expectations as all other BHS hired in the district.
  • Parcel taxes targeting specific programs, Force CVHS and Rocket Ship to pay all fees for our sites, Have CWA focus on improving attendance to increase API, Have pool of district employees that can substitute rather than paying outside workers, Have a classroom for suspended students with a credentialed teacher that can save that API.
  • Open up our facilities to other organizations to rent out for more revenue at each school. The schools could choose a way to fundraise/rent out the facilities.
  • the bond MDEA is trying to pass
  • PARCEL TAX $99!!
  • compete with non public schools by offering full day kindergarten and after-school classes. Parents in charter schools do not have to pay for most of their childcare because students are in school longer hours. This hugely impacts public elementary school.
  • government funding is priority!
  • Small parcel tax (earmarked for class size caps - subsidize teacher salaries if possible), better attendance intervention to increase ADA,
  • What about copying what successful nonprofits do and appeal to private citizens worldwide? We all prefer that our students grow up to be fine, upstanding citizens instead of any of the alternatives, and I believe that the rest of the world would agree on this, and help support us.  We will need volunteers; we must be prepared to prove that money raised goes directly towards educating the students, not for salaries of people who are in charge of fundraising.

    Ideas:  make a website, show a thermometer with a goal at the top.  Give people options:  $5.00 buys..., $20.00 buys..., or $300.00 buys....  Aim it at enrichment:  A set of headphones for one child costs $10.  Post the website on social media, and try to go worldwide.  We could have different fundraisers for different things:  general ed., special ed., field trips, music, art, science, English, History, math, P.E. landscaping, electricity, water, or wifi.  On the website, we could have different types of fundraisers - annual walk-a-thon - silent auction, etc.  We could hire one, experienced nonprofit fundraising coordinator to round up a bunch of volunteers.  Relationships will be key in this endeavor, just like they are in the classroom.
  • The district should have donation paperwork ready for parents at the registration tables.
    San Ramon has done this for years and is very successful. There must be a letter sent to parents about how much this is needed for our programs.
  • Obviously, we need to pressure Sacramento and get people out at the ballot box. Growing the foundation and PTSA fundraising could help a little, but neither addresses the central issue, which is a decent public funding base.
  • I'm unsure how this will work. For example, I can see the district renting out the swimming pools and charging for custodial work but I'm sure the site iteself would have to pay the maintenance and upkeep for the additional use.
  • Encourage the development of a community/parent fundraising foundation to support our schools
  • Parcel tax, more grants, more PTA
  • Bond measures, push for that development at the old Concord Naval Weapons station to go through, property tax increases/re-evaluations.
    Consolidate places/ buildings and sell the land
  • sell parking permits and / or install meters to incentivize people to walk, bike or carpool to school.
  • I suggest that you partner with a nonprofit to raise the money needed. Many other districts in California do this. So there are plenty of models to follow after. The money raised should go to all schools which would also help address the inequity.
  • Maybe we could get sponsors for the sports teams and bands - crass but times are tight. "The Northgate band sponsored by Ace Hardware performing in the Whole Foods Half-Time show" clangs off the ear, but it could play. Maybe rent out fields and multi-purpose rooms on the weekends and summers for use by other groups. Art students could sell what they make in class to help fund the program. Bands could put on weekend concerts at local theaters or public spaces to raise money. Even recycling more efficiently at a district this size could both save money and generate revenue.
  • Sell old computers, old furniture, old books. Rent out Willow Creek to other school districts or corporations. Rent out gyms to basketball coaches who want to put on camps.
  • In addition, there is also land that MDUSD owns not being utilized like the lot in the San Marcos area in Pittsburg. That area is projected to grow by 2,000 + homes in the next two year and they will need an additional school in that area.
  • Get rid of PD days and get the ADA. Stop wasting money on educational programs such as iReady.
  • Every member of the public must support the proposed changes to Prop 13, and every effort must be taken to increase public support for greater spending on public education.
  • The district can look into grants to generate revenue.  The district can look into community partners and county for revenue. The district can look into bonds and measures such as a small increase in home taxes to generate revenue.
  • Publicly support the proposed revision to prop 13 on the November ballot.
  • -Apply for grants (such as the California Literacy grant).
    -Host an annual ticketed Tech Expo or TedX at one of our high schools to showcase our endeavors and secure sponsors. That would also raise our profile and help us to become more of a 'destination district.' It would also put our students and their work front and center--we need to hear their voices.
  • Find Corporate sponsors and/or partnerships and get their logos everywhere (i.e. Nike, SF 49ers, Salesforce, BSN).
  • We need to pass a bond to generate revenue
  • School Bond, Parcel Tax, when you close Summit, you can rent the space to an after school tutoring company like Kumon or mathnasiam.
  • Creating a foundation - see article here that explains why and how public schools should now do this as well.
  • Apply for more grants. Reach out to corporations for donations of materials/resources so the district does not have to make these purchases out of the budget.
  • PROP 13
  • Increase long-term revenue via bond measure or tax parcel measure that is more specific and relevant to parents and community residents: i.e. Use the Berkeley U.S.D. model for a bond measure that, in writing, commits to putting the bond funds to: hiring the best teachers, retaining our current great teachers, hiring better/more "elective class" teachers on topics relevant to kids/parents, providing real living-wage salary increases and benefits to teachers, dedicates other bond funds to every site having school counselors at a ration of 1 to 400 students, dedicates funds to school sports teams and after school programs -- as physical exercise and team supports proven to raise test scores, academic achievement and improve behavior/social skills. Write the bond or tax parcel measure in a manner that appeals to and benefits: student learning/behavior, parent wants/needs, and community member (property owner) wants/needs.
  • Bring back the Learning Opportunities Program at the middle schools.  This program kept individual students on campus, earning ADA, who might otherwise have been absent.  The program helped regular classroom teachers have more time to teach, while also helping the LOP participants gain important coping skills in a smaller, more nurturing environment.  The LOP students gradually reentered the mainstream population when ready.
  • Put as much energy as possible into passing the new property tax initiative for corporations. Are there grants or other sources of money that we are not tapping into?
  • Grants, increase student numbers
  • fundraising, partnerships, look into reward programs. Many people are willing to lend a hand monetarily wise but they do not know where it goes or how to do so.
  • Try to increase student enrollment in the district by providing a quality education for its students.  Hire better staff including teaching staff.  Give students and parents better services to attract more students.  Offer incentives for better attendance.
  • Parental funding of clubs and sports
  • Look into how businesses can support our district like in San Ramon & Chevron
  • We could do more community outreach, building relationships with businesses and other institutions in the area that would donate towards helping our students.
  • Float a serious bond measure, to the tune of $3 or $4 billion, as the Facilities Master Plan shows is needed.
  • Give out more permits for facility use
  • Keep asking parents/teachers/students to email CA politicians letting them know schools need more money.
  • Partnerships with local businesses.
  • Identify the problems at sites that are experience a loss of student population and try to resolve the problems.  For example, our site has parents in our TK program that are registering for K at another school, or requesting transfers within the District, because they do not want full day K.  Many or our kindergarten teachers do not want to teach full day because it doesn't work with the large class sizes.  The problem is the full day K, the solution is to return to the slip schedule, or offer both and have 1 full day K (or more if wanted) and the rest in the slip schedule.
  • Lobby the state or the federal government to fund special education. Get the community to support a bond measure.
  • Other school districts seem to find corporations to support their schools. Why not see if we can find a sports team, corporation (local or not) and see if they will adopt our schools or programs? Why not reach out to foundations who support education, ie Gates, Zuckerberg, Lucas?
  • Be more proactive about asking for donations- this needs to be communicated better to the parents.

    Instead of free grade level plays, consider enrolling kids in Curtains Up Youth Theatre and charging them to be in the grade level plays.
  • If you are never going to reclaim Clayton Valley Charter School or Glenbrook from Rocketship then sell them the property or raise their rent.
  • 1. School bonds
    2. Increase rent that charter schools pay, or sell the grounds to Clayton Valley
    3. Close Summit and rent the space to an after school tutoring program like Kumon or Mathnasium
    4. Parcel tax
  • Invest in solar for schools.  Propose parcel taxes.  Increase prices of after school programs. 
  • Site permits, highlight attendance imporving activities.
  • Ballot measure...let voters decide if they can help increase city funds to support the school district
  • A possible revenue source it to make sure we bill the full potential of our medical contract. This can be accomplished my making the Itinerant ERMHS therapists bill Medical, which the currently do not.
  • Fundraisers like student car washes
  • Consider contracting out current staff to do PD's in other districts.For example, using equity team to do PBIS PD's to other districts. Or TOSA's do content PD at other districts.
  • Parcel tax.  The attitude towards education is more positive since the last time the district tired to pass a parcel tax.  If this is done on the heels of teachers mobilizing for education, you could let a lot of teacher support in helping to get votes to pass the parcel tax.
  • Perhaps writing grants and community fundraising.
  • Parcel Tax / Bond Measure that is more significant than past ones for this district. Other districts of our size with similar demographics have put out much higher $ bond measures.

  • Can PBIS meetings be reduced (in order to save money on needing substitute teachers)?  Are we spending money on field trips?  Can more field trips be free and/or brought directly to the schools?
  • Affordable housing in the community
  • Make sure medi-cal billing for services is happening
    Sell Scrip
    Sponsors for sports teams/dances/etc
  • Local and big company Sponsors, and selling Script
  • Stop the lose of precious revenues due to massive, constant wasteful processes and procedures.
  • Teach Monday- Thursday and increase instructional hours on those days and no school on Fridays. Year round school is used in many districts to minimize cost. District personal apply for grants and ask community businesses for donations.
  • As with our districts in the Bay Area, ask parents/guardians for a “donation” per student to help off set the costs. There should be a “suggested amount” pre determined, but any amount families can contribute would be greatly appreciated and helpful.
  • Renting facilities on weekends. 
  • District wide fund raisers. Bond measures.
  • Sell unused properties(like near Pittsburg BART station),
  • lobster fest
  • Hire more district nurses to help keep kids in school and increase ada money and keep the district from being sued due to Ed code violations.
  • propose bond or tax to increase revenue.,
  • MAA, medi-cal billing, and duh, increase attendance for more ADA.
  • Make kindergarten half day
  • Partner with non profits like other school districts- Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Dublin.
  • Increase the number of Certificated School Nurses so that they have a smaller caseload.  This would improve the Average Daily Attendance rate because nurses could address health concerns that impact whether students attend school or not.  In addition, nurses would have time to bill MediCal for general education services (currently not being billed for because there is no time to do this). 
  • Make sure all medical billing is completed each year by all employees who can bill.
  • Make grant writing for programs "on the edge" easier, more, publicized, accessible--workshops etc ,on how to do them and perhaps less MDUSD involvement for their "approval." It seems to be a phantom process known only to a few. That won't solve our budget probs but will help fill in some of the holes that cuts will make.    Also--if there's a way CVCHS will falter, work at getting them back in.  I don't know if summer school generates much ADA but it seems underutilized, though well-run. 

    Also: Be proactive about facility rental--we charge andarm and a leg and we might as well cash in on it more.  Lots of nonprofits pay a fortune to cities and churches to rent space for whatever.  As much as it can fit with policy, let's do it.  Also think, frankly, facility rental money should be shared with the host campus. 
  • continue to focus on the importance of daily attendance when our children aren't sick.
  • Bake sale
  • Don't know if it's allowed or not, but what about having each schools PTA do 1-2 additional fundraisers from what they already do and the revenue from that would replace a portion of the revenue given to that site by the district.  The money returned to the district can then be used elsewhere.

    Have each school work really hard on attendance, with incentives for students if needed.  Increased ADA = more funding for the schools.
  • Partnerships with local businesses/organizations? Grants that we could apply for? Individual schools and teachers already do a ton of fundraising, but perhaps there are larger scale programs that we could benefit from.
  • Increase Corporate Property Tax via Ballot Measure, Benefit Concerts, Corporate Sponsorship, Grant Writing
  • If the school nurses are fully staffed they may have time to bill Medi-Cal for the many screenings and procedures that are being done. 
  • Promote the dual-language programs at schools so that they become a desirable destination aspect of the district for interdistrict students, thus driving more students to attend these programs.
  • Ask the state for more money.  Isn't there a way for superintendents to present to the state congress and governor with the issues of school funding.

    Do away with money based on attendance rates.  Each school should get a set amount of money regardless of attendance rates. 
  • Make kindergarten mandatory!
    That would really help parents understand that they should and must bring their kids to school, and help ADA
  • Our community outreach is a problem as is.  If we can increase our community outreach so that the community truly knows the struggle at the school site directly in their area, I think we'd be able to increase revenue simply by awareness (more donations, more fundraiser participation, etc).
    Generating district revenue for any school site needs to come from the government.  This is a HUGE issue that needs to come from the top down.
  • What would be best is maybe have more advertising or allow transfers to our schools. I think the dual language program is a great way to get parents interested in having their child learn a new language.
  • Help to pass Prop 13, introduce a Parcel tax, and work to get School and Communities first on the ballot / get it approved.
  • Cut positions and programs, that is the only way to generate monies.  Cut in service days! Cut IB Pilot programs in elementary! Waisted money!!!
  • We are in Northern California, with thousands of tech companies. I believe we should explore finding options from the companies in our community. There are also grants that can be written to request funding for various programs
  • Grants-Partner up with Corporations that value education Example: Warriors, A's
    Each MDUSD school can be designated a Corporation
  • Explore and widen the net of grants funding positions that exist
  • Donations from large companies.
  • Where is textbook money?
  • We are so rich of an area, although cost of living is high... where is this money? Why can't we all pay more, yes taxes, to support 'free' education, instead of charters?
  • Outreach efforts encouraging companies to sponsor schools in some way...
  • repeal prop 13
  • School sales ie: icecream etc, tutoring, Sale of military property, renting our available property,
  • Many districts use teacher committees to make decisions and direct the district rather than having a superintendent.  This would be an interesting possibility to create a teacher led curriculum and free up some significant capital.
  • Increase grant revenue.
  • Refer to the above suggestion, that should free up some revenue.
  • Support the upcoming initiative to overhaul Proposition 13.
  • Have a district wide parent volunteer program that extends into middle and high school to help with campus supervision, logistics, clerical work, etc.
  • Let teachers work in their classrooms/ collaborate with colleagues on teacher workdays (what we really NEED) instead of paying for costly presenters.  
  • Hold fundraisers for the community -ie  craft fair, crab feed , food truck festival, food trucks and movie night. It is important to try to raise money from the community not just the parents.
  • Provide increased support to staff to improve attendance and API. Help support Attendance Secretaries in their roles, increase Community Liaisons (staffing and hours) to help bring in resources for families and increase Counselor roles in the Attendance process, especially in the elementary where parents need more support. This could be a position created to provide outreach to families and help school sites coordinate attendance resources to also help retain students from leaving for charter schools like Rocket ship and Clayton Valley or private schools. If we could identify why they're leaving, then maybe we could take more steps to prevent it with our declining enrollment. Provide Professional Development during non-instructional time to reduce substitute costs. Adjust the school calendar to have more minimum or non-student days for training district wide.
  • Combine sites for alternative/continuing education. 
  • It will save on transportation and energy use and staffing personal
  • Ask the state to allocate more money for schools.
  • Consider charging (nominal amount) for some services -transportation/meals
    Plan events (major ones) for fund raising
  • If possible, utilizing Itinerant BHS to bill Medi-Cal.  Considering expansion of site based BHS serving specific high Medi-Cal general ed. sites to offset the non Medi-Cal special education costs, within the contract.
  • Local school fund raising, charge a small student fee.
  • Sell property
  • Encourage better attendance
  • Tax, increase rental of district properties
  • Continue to rent out facilities. Help families enroll. Continue to promote daily attendance for students.  Figure out a way to get ADA back when students are absent: Saturday school or Monday school to get ADA back?
  • Forlough holiday, this will help to avoid lay offs
  • Always have schools motivate for attendance and for independent study contracts. Keep charters out of our district! Lease out unused space, if there is any.
  • Train teachers and staff on grant writing and apply for grants. Cut upper level management who are secondary to top supervisors.
  • Grants?