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Budget Survey Results Other Interested Parties - Budget Reductions

What suggestions do you have for budget reductions in MDUSD?


  • have "ALL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES" remove their personal little refrigerators and microwaves.  Temporarily discontinue travel for "ALL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES".  Offer Golden Handshakes for "ALL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES" and replace them with entry level pay scale employees.  Remove hot water lines from all non-essential faucets.
  • I think it may be time to look at closing a couple schools to reduce overhead.
  • Monte Gardens and Sequoia Elem.  Should not become PYP IB programs.  The cost of this program is a HUGE expense and will cost of years.  Please go visit programs and research the budget.  4th and 5 th grade PE teachers should be cut its not equitable they they get an extra hour of prep and 1-3 doesn’t receive the same. I never understood this and the numbers per class are almost similar, younger grades require more prep. Cut assistant superintendent jobs that is two salaries saved. TOSAS are doing their job or get rid of TOSA positions.  Make elementary K-6, middle school 7-8, this will cut some positions to save.  Cut iready program, it’s costly and kids hate it.  It’s not effective, gives elementary teachers more time to authenticity teach standards. Cut teacher year to 183 days or make school year for kids 175 and teschers 178.  Save money on electricity with less amount of days.  Make the year more compact instead of random days off.  Labor Day to Memorial Day less days off during year, so learning is more consistent and facilitates can be closed with less energy use.  Close schools that are low on enrollment, makes for more choice options for students.
  • Get rid of i-Ready, any cuts need to be made that will not affect the students
  • Cut iready, state testing (for one year), and TOSAs or admin on "special assignment"
  • Do not buy Lock Bloc
  • Cancel the AVID program
  • Eliminate the International Baccalaureate Program
  • Stop paying for iReady and don't buy anything new to replace it
  • I believe the district should move to have a Parcel Tax added to the next election to help!
  • Get rid of iReady. Put a hold on special programs like IB, PBIS, etc. The schools that are further along with PBIS can mentor/train the schools who are just starting out.
  • It sure seems to the majority of educators I speak with that cutting jobs at the District Office is the best answer.  MDUSD has too many positions at the District office.  And certainly they should not get the same raises that the teachers get when we negotiate our contracts. 
  • Consolidate alternative education sites
    Eliminate Summit
    Eliminate college and career advisors and give responsibilities to counselors
    Eliminate librarians (they are hardly on campus as it is)
    Reduce the number of Assistant Superintendents
    More cuts at the district level
    Eliminate AVID
    Eliminate IB program (so few students take advantage)
    Do not fill vacant positions
    Allow sports and marching band to count as PE
    Eliminate equity team
    Eliminate middle school sports
    Eliminate Elementary school music programs
    Reduce registrar/office manager to 11 months
    Eliminate Naviance
  • Immediately stop sending anyone to conferences - especially top managers. 
  • Eliminate TOSAs paid out of general funds, reorganize the district to consolidate positions and to organize it in such a way to improve systems/outcomes for students, look at return on investments with AVID, IB, magnet schools.
  • So much wasted funds used by only allowing certain contractors to do work. The district is over paying for facility upkeep.
  • I believe tht budget reductions should be focused in the central office as much as possible. School sites are being hit hard, with increased class size and reduction in the numbers of admin which support the safety and well being of students and staff alike. Education happens at the site level, that's where the funding should be.
  • Stop funding football teams
  • Leave everything the way it is with absolutely NO CUTS
  • The district’s plan should also take a hard look at administrative salaries. The decision to cut teachers can’t be made hastily without also taking a look at the administrative staff and making cuts there too.  As a long term goal, getting out the message to vote for Prop 13 reform.
  • Heavily reduce teacher pensions, benefits, paid holiday and other incentives.
  • For upper management to take a pay reduction and have their work days cut.
  • There are so many staff members in the central office that could be dissolved because other jobs should have more responsibilities. For instance, there is a lot of "middle management"-like positions such as assistant superintendents with secretaries when really there should be only one superintendent and the admin assistants for each separate school section (elementary, middle, high). Or you keep the assistant superintendents but then gut out admin assistants.
  • Same goes for things like directors and assistant directors. There seems to be a glutton amount of assistants directors but also having secretaries on top of that.
  • If this type of management in central office was akin to a business model, there would be way more layoffs in central office because of these "middle management" positions. Good middle management should be limited positions since inefficiently made jobs means wasting money on MORE of those middle management positions.
  • Obviously, I cannot talk in details about how central office staff work because there is no full "flow chart" of all the positions there are but from looking at work emails received, there seems to be a lot of admin assistants when people can directly do the work instead of through a middle man.
  • These types of middle management positions do not affect students drastically compared to other jobs like operational staff (such as teachers, nurses, TOSAs, coaches, pathologists, librarians, TISP coaches, janitors, etc). The budget reductions should be away from directly impacting students to learn from their teachers.
  • Perhaps have no school on Fridays. Reduce the school week to 4 days.
  • The funds that have been budgeted for the day to day operation of our districts schools have obviously been miss managed. As in my personal business, when there is a shortfall I the owner miss out on a paycheck. I believe all administrative staff at the Super Intendant level and up should absorb the shortfall in their paychecks as they should be held accountable instead of placing the burden on the parents, students and faculty.
  • All causes of the budget shortfall are worthy causes, but reductions in other areas is like cutting bone and seems to serve to put our students at risk
  • Do away with Wonders ELD and just give teachers a template with instructions on how to make an ELD lesson using their Wonders ELA. The district wastes a lot of money on these books which a lot of teachers aren't even using. Instead, support teachers with authentic and valuable curriculum and methodology trainings. Supported teachers won't want to leave. Supported teachers = less turnover which equals less expense. Right now the district is not guaranteeing trainings for teachers. If a sub doesn't show up for a teacher to get trained the district just says "too bad". Teacher training on district curriculum and good teaching methodology is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Also, the principal's time should not be spent dealing with defiant students. This is the teacher's responsibility to find ways to deal with that. It is also against California law now to suspend students for defiance. Avoid legal issues by following these rules.
  • Place full-time subs in each school to pick up teacher absences that are not picked up by roving subs. Too much costly time and money is wasted splitting classrooms. SSTs and other meetings cannot be attended because there is no one to cover for teachers.
  • Maintain properties and products. This is less expensive than buying new things. If theft is a problem at a school then fund the proper security (window screens, bars on doors, etc.) That is cheaper in the long run than having 30 laptops or iPads stolen every few years. Do energy audits to see where energy can be saved with lighting timers, heat timers, etc. Are there boilers kept on year round that can be shut off? Are there air conditioners coming on in the winter?
  • Use state travel allowances for hotels. Furlough. Reduce subs from outside companies.  Make Cal card limits on spending limits and monthly amounts.  Turn off ac and heat for unoccupied sites over summer and winter breaks.  Reuse reusable macbooks and notebooks.  If use a.azon or pay pal without ok cut cal card usage.  Purchasing review for exorbitant expenses.
  • Eliminate iReady. The assessments are the same test used in all grade levels. We have enough other forms of assessment to gather the same data.
  • Please do not make any further budget reductions to the classroom and master schedules. Classes are already overcrowded. The current differences in class sizes per subject and grade level are extremely inequitable and unfair.
  • Give 260 or 238 day CST employees a choice to move down to 238, 228 days.
  • Increased oversight of spending?
  • Unless the district can truly provide full support of staff and training and consistency from K through 12th grades, esp through feeder schools from Elem to high school, we should get rid of IB. It’s expensive and not fully supported, so it’s going to fail and there’s no consistency from school to school.
    Consider a 4-day school week to cut facilities costs.
    Split the district - it’s too big to manage with different needs across ALL the different schools in different neighborhoods.
  • Lower school nurse ratios and reinstate the lead school nurse to 1.0 FTE so that school nurses can address the innumerable times students are told to stay home by office staff (then district loses ADA) when medically it was not necessary. Office staff members are not nurses and studies have shown that they send students home at a much drastically increasing rate than if a student saw a school nurse. School nurses increase student attendance, save districts money and decrease financial liabilities of school districts and this can only be accomplished if ratios are lowered.
  • Consolidate schools so every school has sufficient enrollment.
  • Make school year more compact to limit overhead costs (custodial, etc.).  Partner with local scouting units on service projects (e.g., campus beautification).  Allow increased use of outside assessments (through medical providers, etc.) and tools (e.g., speech assistance devices) with respect to IEPs.  Shared athletics facilities between middle/high schools or public/nearby private schools. 
  • No cuts for Librarians or IMA's.    Keep music in the elementary schools.
  • Reduce librarians; reduce classified staff hours and/or months; eliminate elementary music programs; reduce the number of people at the district office-keep vacant positions vacant; do not pay for conferences for anyone, including superintendent; eliminate AVID program; allow for sports to count towards PE credits; eliminate Algebra 1A & B and only have Algebra 1 with AIMS; close Summit on CHS campus and consolidate all Alt Ed sites to one central campus
  • consolidate departments.
  • Less paid PD and PD days, eliminate PT TOSA positions
  • Two-pronged restructure.  One for the next budgeted year.  One to overhaul the entire district with a clean slate, taking a year to get it done right.  In the last decade administration in this district has taken costly measures to manage situations that preceded it.  It's time to stop doing that.  Stop it!  It's time for the shuffling to end.
  • Start from the Superintendent and branch off from there.  Draw each label, no names.  Describe what each does.  If someone else does it, get rid of the highest one.
  • Focus the district around it's important and large areas
  • Students (Student Services - NOT how it is today, please...if I had time to write more I would)
    Staff (HR)
    Special Education
    Business (incl. CBO & Legal)
  • You don't need anyone above any of these people. Then balance or delegate positions, then rehire the best person for each of those positions.  How you do that is probably beyond this survey.  But it would help if the best fit was achieved.
  • Make it clear to your bargaining groups that you plan to redraw the entire structure of the district, including job descriptions.  Reset the whole lot.
  • Restructure your 'family tree' so that there is no confusion who is responsible for what.  Redraw departments that make sense. Stop the cycle of promoting people into titles that don't make sense just to align them with a different pay scale.
  • Audit all your staff and get rid of tenure as a preference.  Find a fair way to evaluate all staff and implore all bargaining groups to put students first by placing tenure secondary to quality.  Have a system that fairly rates them, including parent feedback (if appropriate), and then be objective.
  • Reevaluate all your feeder pattern boundaries and align in a way that works.
  • Take back your school sites and use them.
  • Audit 100% of programs that are not bound to CDE minimum requirements. 
  • Please eliminate the IB program.  This should be eliminated because funds are required for this program and there is no a gain achieved for the majority of schools in the district.
  • Operating on lean budgets already. Freeze on hiring. Stop hiring top management. Don't cut any people who are working directly with students. Stop wasteful spending on textbooks and consumables that aren't used.
  • The district is very top heavy with overlapping services that can be better streamlined and efficient.
  • Make changes that will have the least negative impact on students. What cuts can be made at the district level/ in the district office that won’t harm the students. We need to keep schools staffed with counselors and other like support staff. We need to ensure that students are still given a quality educations
  • Have schools open 4 days a week instead of 5 days. Close some campuses, maybe a low enrollment high school.
  • Furloughing the district office in Summer.  Devote time and resources to bringing students back from charter and private schools.