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Budget Survey Results Administrative Council - Revenue Suggestions

What suggestions do you have to generate district revenue?


  • Bond measure
  • We need to look at individual sites to determine possible revenue options. Billboards on Glenbrook’s field, wind energy in Bay Point, increase facility fees, especially at sites with high demand. Possible use of parking lots as overflow parking for city events.
  • Grants.  Sale of more of our surplus/outdated equipment and books
  • More focused grant writing efforts use less expensive curriculum and use less expensive online curriculum and share facilities and resources we don't collaborate and share enough
  • better ADA, encourage and easier access to Free and Reduced Lunch Program forms, public donations with no restrictions, apply more grants, higher Use Permit fees, Parcel Tax
  • Grants? Push to improve attendance. Push Saturday school to get ADA back .
  • Promote/advertise why students should enroll in MDUSD!
  • Need to increase prices for our Facility Use Permits.
  • Clearly define the needs—although great if we are specific to our targets for student learning then hit community both parents and businesses to support.
  • except all transfers
    PR the unique schools
  • Advertise magnet and IB schools, K-8 schools, create language immersion in different languages other than Spanish--Mandarin is the number one spoken language of the world, commission out in-house talent to other educational institutions as consultant contracts, host conferences/workshops for other districts to attend, and host festival events for all MDUSD schools. 
  • Advertise for our District
  • Public outreach to encourage local businesses to rent our spaces for meetings, presentations, etc...  We should evaluate the limitations of advertising/sponsors at our sporting events. The charter schools all seem to have paid banners around their fields.  We should ask our students for ideas as well, they don't know the rules and will be much more inventive with their suggestions.  A real gem of an idea may be out there.  Sponsorships on our box trucks should be evaluated as well, this may at least offset the cost of the driver.
  • Through school sponsored community events like fun runs, bake-offs, cook-offs, and festivals.  Rent out space (advertise space), rent advertisement space on fences or on our marquee.  Host a speaker series with prominent figures that people will pay to see.
  • I suggest seeking revenue by strengthening the marketable programs at our district like AVID, IB, and Art schools to set the schools at MDUSD as destination schools to increase enrollment.    Also I suggest having a job description or department that works on finding resources to generate revenue through grant writing, etc... Also increase business connections in the community and parent involvement.  Train principals and VP's to make these connections. Would there be a benefit and teaching principals/VP to grant write to generate revenue at their schools?
  • Corporate sponsorships, Possibly moving to a K-8 model.
  • Seek to have more bond measures to help with an increase on local funding. Have the Grant Coordinator to apply for as many grants as possible (we could do better here). Allow purchases from cheaper sites such as Amazon.
  • every site using a time clock or sign in sheet to help with managing staff, especially those who work partial day. 
  • vote Trump out
  • Rent facilities
    Look at all site use permits for all facilities to ensure fair market value and no gifts of public funds
    Eliminate summer school beyond ESY and credit recovery
  • Update policies to reduce litigation on issues of practice
    Shut classroom doors to reduce heating costs and allow units to work more effectively
  • Focus on improving attendance at the secondary level. Having a designated employee to look at grants for schools and helping schools submit them. Everybody could benefit from this.
  • I am concerned that by eliminating programs such as athletics and VAPA, that we will end up driving more families to seek out more comprehensive programs at Charter schools.  We still need to find a way to showcase the positives in our district and foster district pride.
  • Grants; Support and encourage political action to divert state funds to Pre-K-12 education; Consider requesting additional local taxes diverted to public schools - if parents are willing to pay for private school, maybe they'd be willing to pay more in taxes if we could show how using those funds would improve the experience of their children in their neighborhood school; Partner with local businesses/corporations, hospitals, colleges/universities to fund special projects, support student wellness programs, etc.
  • Develop rapport with community leaders and parents to reduce truancy and absenteeism
  • By responding to the reasons families are interested in charters, esp. in the areas of disruptive student behaviors that are "allowed". There is a perception (sometimes based on reality) that disruptive students will continue to stay at schools even if alternatives are available. We need more support in this area and quicker action. How about flyers and mailers, followed up by site presentations to families in areas where we know there are students but the families are choosing alternatives like private and charters.
  • Let families know where the money will be going. Share specifics. My parents don't want to put money in if they don't feel like their children are benefitting. Personally I have to pay with my property taxes for other districts and I am constantly receiving notifications of how those districts are spending the money I'm contributing.
  • Grants, full day kindergarten (so many families leave in Kinder for full day)
  • Sell properties (Clayton Valley and Glenbrook)
    Corporate sponsorship of schools and facilities (billboards, etc)
  • increase charges for Use Permits
  • mandatory social/emotional training for teachers with student retention strategies for mandatory implementation
  • Community Partnerships with large companies
  • Budget cuts at comprehensive sites can include elimination of VP staff, increasing classroom sizes to reduce number of classes, measures to reduce energy consumption, etc.
  • More strict with SARB so students take going to class seriously
  • More publicity about how great our district is to increase enrollment
  • Parcel Tax.  Increase attendance percentages of both students and staff, include some incentive.
  • I don't have knowledge of funding sources or options
  • improved MAA billing, increase fund raising, rent unused space
  • I know the district can bill new construction for housing going up since it will affect numbers. It would be good to make sure we are doing that. Especially when they begin building at the Navel Weapons Station. Possibly turn to crowdfunding for additional revenue. I know classrooms do it all the time. Maybe it can be done on a larger scale for the district.
  • Get more students enrolled by doing more outreach, and continue to assist and advertise to families to enroll for TK and K! Continuing to work with families to get students to school on time everyday. Continuing to rent out facilities.
  • Fully utilize PFC budgets. Consider eliminating events that ultimately cost us money (5th grade camp and other trips that the district must expense when students or parent groups cannot pay). Make a district decision to use one company for photographs and keep the revenue from student purchases at the district level. Ask for corporate sponsorships for technology and technology upgrades (Google, FB, Safeway, Chevron, etc).
  • Increase staff for Special Projects specifically for grant writing.  This would be one part time position.
  • ADA - Change some processes when enrolling students so ADA is counted from initial day when signing up for school (before testing is done) since we can receive ADA when a student is testing.
  • Corporate Partnerhsips
  • sell advertising space on high school fields, form partnerships with private corporations, consider raising fees for use permits by outside groups
  • Increase ADA, mandate specific employees (practitioner groups) to participate in LEA and MAA, Foundations, Grants
  • Building relationships with local businesses or other for-profit organizations who we could exchange resources...their money for our time, buildings, etc.
  • Increase Facilities Use Fees, Encourage Fundraising Strategies at School Site Level, Parcel Tax, Mt. Diablo Education increase fundraising efforts, Charity Ball Event.
  • Work closely with our partners in education.
  • grant writing, ADA enforcement
  • Approve less out of district transfers,
  • add programming to bring back students who have left the district (online academy, etc.), lease buildings during off hours, sell advertising inside bus seats and on athletic fields, host gala fundraisers, hire an experienced grant writer, increase lunch prices, offer summer camps for a fee, offer IT support for a fee
  • Facilities rental seems like a possibility.  I know if mean wear and tear on the buildings, but it also means overtime for the custodians.
  • Clayton Valley Charter High School: We need to think about various strategies to get this campus back, these students back, this school back.
  • Having more CWA type people but family liaisons (not the CWA's, these would be separate so the families feel like they are partners and their time is focused on helping them connect to resources)  that go to the home and work with the families on all their issues that keep them from getting their kids to school.  Maybe even have them be school counselors that this is their only job, to provide intensive intervention and supports to those in SARB or close to SARB.  Really focus on the Elementary students and their families and helping breakdown the barriers to accessing school. 
  • Crowd source fundraising (example, parents sign up to donate $1 per day billed on their credit card going to a program of their choosing)
  • Charge for ASP program
  • Add more positions that provide direct services to students and families directly, such as Social Worker Specialist positions. When the students are absent Social Worker call the student and the families to find out the reason why the student was absent from school, to provide support and encourage students top come back to school. By helping the students attending school everyday, the Social Workers also help the district continue to obtain and keep the ADA funding. 
  • Add more positions that work directly with students and families such as school psychs, social workers and school nurses.
  • Hire for jobs that make money.  Foster youth and homeless make money, despite us allocating this money to sites and counselors instead of the social workers they need.  Medi-Cal makes money.  Hire for jobs that support medi-cal and get transportation on board. 
  • Parcel tax; rent out school sites and busses for community activities
  • Increase use permit fees
  • District needs to look carefully on how and where they are spending their money.
  • Color Run Fundraiser district wide, sell all the tablets schools aren't using anymore
  • renting the school sites for huge events
  • cell phone towers, sponsorships via high school vendors
  • By carefully examining current spending: invest in what is essential to teaching, learning, and the day-to-day school site operations, and cut what is not essential to this.
  • Stop spending money on clerical staff, etc. tracking lunch.  Provide lunches to everyone.
  • charter our buses to other schools on weekends
  • If we can find credentialed DHH teachers we can expand that program to be able to have other surrounding districts send the students here. We are limited in who we can accept at this time and have to turn students away.
  • Sell properties that are not being used, improve ADA, emphasize grant-writing, partner with large local businesses
  • Seek corporate sponsorship... If you have his number, call Bill Gates. :)
  • * Sometimes Student Services take several days or even a week to be able to enroll students at sites. Besides, the detriment in the students' education, we are loosing money everyday these kids are not in school.
    * There are grants that teachers and administrators are not aware of. The district should provide information regularly about these grants so they could apply for them.
    * Some big companies donate technology to schools. Is the district looking into this already? We could save  a lot of money in Chromebooks, laptops, etc...
  • Look for sources of grant funding or corporate sponsorship. Like a partnership with the Bill Gates Foundation to fund technology improvements or a CTE grant.
  • There is a lack of clarity in the job descriptions for Behavior Health Specialist providers which leads to individuals at the BHS II pay rate who are not licensed and, therefore, unable to complete billing for services provided. Additionally, without clear oversight for billing, there is potentially a great deal of money left unclaimed due to errors in paperwork.
  • bonds
  • Find a way to get more families to fill out free/reduced lunch program (less undocumented families are filling these out in fear it will be used against them and they will get deported)- Write grants
  • Parcel Tax within our community. Lobbying MD Education Foundation - being more involved in providing funding for student support services.
  • Outside events/catering
  • Communities often feel at odds with the District because of its inefficiencies and lack of responsiveness. Each community is different so standard approaches to getting outside community funding are a fools errand in waiting. With that said, there is little noticeable effort on the part of MDUSD to generate community supported foundations to mitigate state fluctuations in revenue. Other districts do it well; many of whom aren't fabulously wealthy. Reaching out in concrete ways matters. Doing this with an eye out to avoid appearing personality-driven or self-serving on the part of leadership is key, however.
  • Lottery - are we getting our share
  • Can the district rent unused space out for groups, during off hours? One way or another we need to stop the attendance attrition of students to charter schools by making our schools more appealing. I know this is a circular argument. Is the district leveraging ballot measures?
  • focus on attendance (increase attendance and attendance recovery like Saturday School), PBIS to keep students in school, apply for grants and funding, and work with community group to generate resources and services. 
  • Clean energy
  • 1) If we have a lower cost for transporting students, offer our services to outside groups. 2) Charge outside groups higher fees for using our facilities and sports fields.
  • Sell properties such as Clayton Valley and Glenbrook
  • -Increase attendance
    -go for a parcel tax
    -Establish all day TK-K to compete with Rocket ship and not loose students to them
    -Accept inter district transfer from families that were part of Mt. Diablo but have bought a house someplace else but want to remain in MDUSD.
  • Grants -for schools with specialty schools(magnet, STEM Dual Language), Fundraising through Education Foundation perhaps, Renting spaces for events /Permits (After School and Weekend Use), School Plays/Productions, Sports/Activities/School Related Events(More Advertisement for Events to boost attendance and Fee for entrance to events) Site -based, Annual events with Auctions/Formal Event- District Event
    Adopt Business Partnerships for ideas/support/donations
    Partner with social service agencies, health organizations - rent space and create hub of community
  • Grant writing, fostering corporate partnerships to fund STEAM, small learning communities, experiential learning, etc rather than funding so much our limited General dollars. What projects might we be able to seek corporate/non-profit support to fund? What corporate relationships do we already have? What corporate relationships can we foster?
  • 1. Improved rental, fee-based use of facilities to the community and the general public. Sports fields are utilized at our site, although the use fees seem below market price.
    2. Community-based foundations (501c3 orgs) are large and superbly well-organized in neighboring school districts and have multi-million dollar fundraising programs every year. Many of the best consolidated site-based or fractured entities into district-wide organizations with expert fundraising and school district/site partnership at the core of their mission.
  • Being creative in private philanthropic partnerships.
  • Entry fees for sporting and after school events
  • Conduct a site based needs assessment based on data to determine which fiscal and human resources would be detrimental to a site if removed. Based on site based needs assessment, determine where revenue can be generated by making equitable reductions while meeting the needs of the sites, specifically those outlined on our LCAP - schools with high numbers of English Learners, Foster Students, Special Ed., our students of color...
  • campaign for increased donations to the educational foundation; increase community and business partnerships; increase ADA; rental of district facilities; apply for more grants to fund specialized programs;
  • As the administrator for the Equity Department, we are tasked with changing hearts, minds, souls and practices of the entire district yet continue to operate on a shrinking budget given that uniform budget reductions were implemented across the district.

    My recommendation is to position our department so that we develop a fee schedule for providing services to other districts for trainings and support around Equity, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, PBIS and Restorative Justice. We have already been invited to present at state and county offices around our work with PBIS and Equity and there is great interest in having access to our playbook.

    In addition, we can partner with staff from DVC in the Department of Ethnic Studies to offer courses on educational equity to develop the equity lens of future educators. Enrollment is open to all but consideration is given to MDUSD employees who can potentially receive 1 - 2 units applicable towards step and column. We thus continue to develop the capacity of staff to develop their equity lens by expanding the channels of support and generating revenue by charging students.

    Lastly, I recommend restoring the equity counselors to full time and adding a small core of master teachers who can lead the work around Culturally Relevant Pedagogy at core sites. This is not about launching another initiative but rather getting back to the core of great teaching, leveraging the assets students bring to the table to maximize student learning by meeting the needs of students.

    Full-time Equity Counselors would focus on bringing PBIS to our secondary sites and directly impacting climate and culture while the master teachers would work (.2 or .4) at a site and then spend the rest of their time working to develop the capacity of all staff at the same site around CRP. Done right this is transformative.

    I would train and supervise this staff and maximize a return on investment by developing the equity lens of teachers and staff at a site that impacts student learning. Gradually, we would build this program out to develop a trainer of trainer model to replicate at other sites and directly impact the opportunity gap. As the quality of instruction improves then not only do we retain our current students but become an attractive option for parents who are increasingly choosing to send their children to charters and privates.
  • County billing for MH support. LMFT, LCSW can bill for work conducted
  • political activism
  • get more community involved.
  • Apply for more grants
  • We need Clayton Valley back...we lose lots of ADA right there
  • Wind power at Baypointe
  • Advertise on school buses
  • Fee-based childcare
  • Combine district licenses or contracts
  • Sell MDUSD property
  • billboards on 242
  • Facility use fee
  • Advertise on TV kindergarten registration
  • Parent paid transportation
  • Seek out additional grants
  • Look at county billing for mental health
  • Increase Medical billing EPTSD
  • Recycling program to save money paper in the scrap metal
  • Increase rent for a facility use