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Budget Survey Results Classified Staff - Revenue Suggestions

What suggestions do you have to generate District revenue?


  • Grants.
  • Utilize Security more don’t contract out you pay more at a premium.
  • 1.  The district should institute a beneficial suggestion/productivity improvement program where employees can share ideas on cutting costs, improving productivity.  The best source for those answers are from employees in the trenches!
    2.  Recycling.  We are throwing paper away in trash cans. 
    3.  Charge more for use permits.
  • Corporate donations for books, tech and supplies.  
  • Increase revenue from leases - raise cost to on-site private day-cares, increase fees for use permits to outside of district groups, increase rent for Eagle Peak, CVCHS and Rocketship
  • Do a crab feed, or maybe invite students from Serendipity to make dinner, and then sell tickets for people to attend.  Solicit local businesses to make charitable donations (their incentive would be that each donation they make would be tax-deductible) then host a silent-auction for the attendees to bid on the donations, and all the proceeds would go to the general fund.  I think it should be hosted somewhere that sells alcohol, or near a place that sells alcohol. 
    You could also allow students to participate in fundraising by selling candy bars.
  • look at major corporations for sponsorship/advertising
  • Seek corporate sponsorships
  • Increase the facilities use permit fees for all outside users district wide. Eliminate all Classified Ice Cream Socials. DMA Christmas Event held for all district employees.  Legal action against CVCHS for all outstanding monies owed to the district from the last several years.
  • Charge fees for programs of events (even if minimal).  Start asking families for donations of any kind.  Apply for grants, lease cafeterias or facilities (including Theatres) to outside parties. Lease Serendipity at Mount Diablo High when not in use, evenings/weekends. (For instance John Muir, City of Concord, Concord Police Department could hold  small events there) Also, if Serendipity held a basic menu and go ALL buffet I think they would strive and get outside customers in and out much quicker. John Muir Hospital staff and families would be their biggest clients. 
  • Sell products or expertise of our own people (we have great exemplary speakers and should invest in them instead of hiring from elsewhere where they charge an arm and a leg), form partnerships with private agencies  or corporations.  Invest public funds or pursue a variety of grants. Sell the unused land in Pittsburg since it has not been used and is probably too small for any particular school.   Find lifelong sponsors for many of the district events or programs.
  • Charge other entities leasing our land for their building (day care facilities) more than $1.00 per year. 
  • Improve attendance. Receive more ADA! We are loosing millions in ADA. Invest time in connecting with school staff. The students must feel welcomed at their schools.  Working on prevention; reaching out to the  parents and inviting them to  become more involved in their children's education. Better customer service skills will help elementary schools retain their students; we are  losing  them to the new and ever growing  Rocketship Charter School. :(
  • MDUSD can generate revenue through direct fundraising or with the aid of district educational foundations. They can also charge fees for programs, lease school facilities, sell products or advertising space, form partnerships with private corporations, invest public funds, or pursue a variety of grants.
  • Ensure that all personnel and staff who can bill and bring money into the school district are doing so.  That includes, OT's, PT's, SLP's, school psychs, and possibly more.
    If attendance is how the district makes money, then work harder to get truant students in school. 
  • Sponsorships:  there's a ton of money in California.  Why couldn't the district seek out sponsorships from google, apple, and so on.  They could do studies about the use of some of their products in our classrooms, put their name on our schools, and we get funding in return while our students get access to some of the newest technology available. 
  • Lobbying:  Maybe we need someone that can lobby at the state level for more money.  Our students need more money.  I am at several schools where paper copying is restricted. It's so crazy that we live in the richest state with the worlds 6th largest economy and yet we have so little money for our schools.  That needs to change!!
  • Reach out to Community Groups to use our facilities when school is not in session.  For instance, Basketball organizations are always looking for places to have their tournaments on the weekends.  They charge to enter, so there must be funds to pay for facilities.
  • Run for Education fundraisers - something different like a night run using glow gear.
  • Crab Feeds seem to be very popular and generate a lot of money.
  • Grant writers to generate more income.
  • Advertising on the sides of our buses and school vehicles.
  • Advertising on our website.
  • Go fund me for special projects.
  • Volunteer opportunities for students to earn credit that would pay the district for their time.  They could earn CTE work experience credit.
  • Sponsorships, and Paid Advertisements on anything and everything on all school lighted Marques.  Examples : This High School Graduation sponsored by COMCAST etc. Fully support customers as they support our schools. This is more community outreach. etc. Why do we expect support from community when we don't support community. Yes last time i looked businesses are part of our community
  • Review all renters agreements/rates of property rentals, daycare, county/city/park district programs, etc.
  • Have everyone pays more for medical insurance and contribute more to retirement account. Reduce programs and limit conference. 
  • Tax bond
  • Charge more for the use of District sites that have Charter Schools and Non-Public schools that use the property. Charge parents a reasonable rate for Preschool.
  • make sure that attendance is number 1 priority at each and every school and have incentives for students to be successful with their attendance ie:awards
  • Bond Measure, Education Foundations (i.e, P.E.A.K), Implement Bring Your Own Electronic Device (chromebook, laptop) programs at schools so sites don't have to buy as many student devices, allow some teachers to use chromebooks to reduce laptop replacement costs for staff.  Offer online courses for community for a fee.  Allow donations to go to specific district projects, like schools have Fund-A-Need fundraisers. 
  • Has the district be taking full advantage of auctioning off retired equipment?  OR perhaps repairing more stuff and requiring schools to reuse more.
  • Charge day cares, Dianne Adair and Kindango more then a dollar a year.
  • Reuse, recycle, repurpose more, evaluate inventories and storage areas from each departments at school.  
  • I would like the district to ask each family to donate $100 or more at the beginning of each  school year.  These funds should stay at each school site.
  • Have more community-based Outreach. Have movie Nights in the Park, carnivals, and different things like this that generate excitement in Buzz for the public school system.
  • Community outreach to encourage parent involvement (in ways other than during the school day as many parents work) and communication so they'll want to keep their students in MDUSD rather than move them to charter schools.
  • Exhaustive searches for grants that support and compliment curriculum.
  • Appeal to local corporations, businesses for donations.
  • Corporate sponsorships, leasing of facilities,  leasing to sites to cellular companies for towers etc, have a fun welcome assembly at beginning of year per school and ask parents for donations- first send them a letter explaining why you are needing money and kindly invite them to an assembly/ice cream social tell them if they could make a suggested donation to the school, school merchandise sales, advertising, sports and extracurricular activities fees. Crowd funding specific activites.
  • When I grew up parents paid for students to play in team sports when district was on austerity.  Maybe a charge like club sports to help support the teams and not be budgeted through the district. 
  • When equipment isn't used, find a way to sell and recoup loss, not just ewaste.
  • After school programs for students pay by parents
  • Increasing rent for groups requesting Use Permits from Facilities, allowing outside agencies and companies to advertise on school property by paying a fee (for example...allowing Domino's to place an advertisement in the parking lot), allowing utility companies to construct infrastructure on district property (cell towers, wind turbines, etc.), re-evaluating existing supplier contracts to see if competing companies can offer less-expensive options, aggressively collecting money owed to the district (i.e. over-due book fines, money owed from Clayton Valley Charter, etc.), and requiring each site to construct a comprehesive spending reduction plan (i.e. reducing paper waste, reducing office supply expenses, etc.)
  • District should give incentives retire packages.
  • Have all students at all high schools pay for parking and have their registration checked. even continuation.  Parents have to pay for their kids fees when they break things on purpose as they do daily.  hold children responsible /parents .  Registration fees for all schools .
  • Look for companies that  will sponsor, make fundraisers, rent spaces for meetings or special occasions like serendipity on weeknights or weekends.
  • Collect back due monies from charter school
  • Change prop 13. If that is too difficult, work with the Governor to find a solution, but you cannot throw your hands up in the air and whine about prop 13.
  • Force huge corporations to pay taxes. Redistribute money from super rich neighborhoods. If more affluent schools don't use all their funds, rather than find some stupid way to spend the money,  send it to a school that can really use it. Spend it or lose it budgeting leads to waste STOP it now.
  • Provide a class(es) for students pending placement so the district doesn't lose ADA and the student doesn't lose out on learning and socializing at their new school.  Possibly online classes in a room on campus that can be proctored by a teacher.
  • be creative with unused real estate. REnt and lease out for extra money.
  • Bake sakes
  • fundraisers, reach out for assistance from community and use the funds where they are suppose to be used.
  • Attempt a bond measure
  • a new bond measure; housing prices have gone up so taxes should be higher but we need another bond to sustain the district
  • 1. For the long-term, has the district ever considered the merits of forming public-private partnerships with other leading nonprofit and profit organizations that could help with our needs? Such partnerships could be about limited curriculum development, sponsorship of certain activities and events, and joint creation of necessary facilities and buildings. Of course, all of this must be negotiated within reason and mutual benefit. One example is Salesforce, which in the past 2-3 years, helped pay for the construction and modernization of Presidio Middle School in San Francisco. 2. School sites, outside normal school hours, are often inactive during late afternoons, evenings, and weekends (with the exception of special events and off hour school activities/maintenance). Has the district ever considered allowing the public rental of school sites and/or specific facilities for public use to generate extra revenue? This may/may not be feasible (e.g. insurance issues), but if it has merit then perhaps this idea should be considered.