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Resources on this page:

-Required Fitness Areas of the PFT

-AERIES Score Entry Instructions

-PFT Reference Guide

-PFT Fitness Areas, Test Options, and Equipment

-PFT Data Collection Form

-Administration Videos


PFT Staff Resources


Required Fitness Areas of the PFT: Aerobic Capacity, Abdominal Strength and Endurance, Upper Body Strength and Endurance, Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility, and Flexibility.


AERIES Score Entry Instructions - Guide for entering in PFT scores into AERIES Teacher Portal.


PFT Reference Guide - This guide is designed to assist staff in becoming familiar with the California PFT. It includes detailed descriptions of the fitness areas, the data collection requirements, most of the equations used in scoring, the performance standards, and suggestions for facilitating the administration of the different test options.


PFT Fitness Areas, Test Options, and Equipment - Charts that show the test options available for each fitness area and the equipment required for each test.


PFT Data Collection Form - This form can be used to collect student participation and raw scores from the PFT administration.


Administration Videos - PFT videos that comply with California Code of Regulations are provided for all thirteen of the FITNESSGRAM® tests, as described in the current FITNESSGRAM® Test Administration Manual.

PACER Video [6:00 minutes]
One-Mile Run Video [4:08 minutes]
Walk Test Video [3:47 minutes]
Skinfold Measurements Video [3:52 minutes]
Body Mass Index Video [3:01 minutes]
Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer Video [3:42 minutes]
Curl-Up Video [4:54 minutes]
Trunk Lift Video [3:37 minutes]
Push-Up Video [3:29 minutes]
Modified Pull-Up Video [3:14 minutes]
Flexed-Arm Hang Video [3:20 minutes]
Back-Saver Sit and Reach Video [4:40 minutes]
Shoulder Stretch Video [3:27 minutes]