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Social Emotional Educational Collaborative (SEEC)


Brochure (Updated 10/2017)


Under the direction of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) and Contra Costa County Children’s Mental Health the Social Emotional Educational Collaborative (SEEC) provides:

  • Special education classes with mental health support for elementary, middle and high school students who exhibit serious emotional, behavioral and mental health problems
  • Mental health therapy and case management for identified special and regular education students

The intent of the SEEC is to help students learn how to:

  • Increase personal resources for coping and creating successful relationships at school, home, and in the community
  • Decrease maladaptive symptoms that interfere with functioning
  • Develop coping strategies to maintain in the least restrictive setting to meet educational and mental health needs
  • Increase independence
  • Transition to a less restrictive educational setting

The SEEC emphasizes:

  • Academic skills following grade level standards
  • Individual learning styles
  • Building relationships, family and community partnerships
  • Unconditional regard

The teaching process consists of:

  • Individualized instruction
  • Small group setting
    • Elementary:     9 students
    • Secondary:       11 students


The services providers collaborate to provide case management, counseling, and other related services based upon the individual education plan (IEP) to assist each student in attaining success. Students and families may have access to a mental health therapist, school psychologist, mental health assistant, special education classroom teacher, special education assistant, milieu coordinator, behavior specialist, speech and language pathologist, adaptive physical education teacher, occupational therapist, transition specialist, Workability I caseworker, and also wraparound services and Parent Project.


Consultation and Collaborative Services

SEEC support staff consult with parents, families, and other professionals, i.e., County Mental Health clinicians and supervisors, private therapists, physicians, probation officers and wraparound team facilitators.



  • For entrance into all SEEC classes, there is one referral process, the Triage process
  • Triage Referrals are made by the IEP team including Psychologist and Program Specialist
  • Triage Referrals are submitted to the Triage Team in Wing D.
  • All SEEC Classes require Educationally Relevant Mental Health assessment and eligibility. 
  • For site specific school-wide therapist services, each site has a Coordinated Care Team referral process


Over 300 students are currently served in a full continuum of mental health placements throughout MDUSD. 

Mental health services are available at all sites and is provided by both school psychologists and our team of itinerant behavioral health specialists as indicated on student IEPs per assessment.  In addition, Fred Finch Youth Center offers school based services at the following locations, Bel Air, Meadow Homes, Shore Acres, Wren, Ygnacio Valley Elementary, El Dorado, Oak Grove, Valley View, and Concord High.  

Specific sites have programs designed to meet the more intensive instructional and social/emotional needs of our students at the following locations. Enrollment is determined by IEP teams after assessment and consideration of all other less restrictive environments.  


Sun Terrace: counseling enriched program (CEP) for alternative education and special education. Three classes supported by a school psychologist, part time social worker and behaviorist.


Sunrise: a counseling enriched program for five classrooms provided by School Psychologist and Behavioral Health Specialists I and II. Two intensive counseling enriched classrooms with BHS I & II


Pleasant Hill: four intensive counseling enriched classrooms with Seneca Center staff  for the student ready to return gradually to the mainstream

Riverview: two intensive counseling enriched classrooms with Seneca Center staff. Additionally, counseling for general and special ed students provided by Seneca Center school-wide therapist.


Alliance: a counseling enriched program for nine classrooms provided by Behavioral Health I and II’s

BASES: three counseling enriched classrooms located at Mt. Diablo High.



The Social Emotional Educational Collaborative with unconditional regard, provides Mt. Diablo Unified students special education and mental health services in the least restrictive setting in order to prepare them to be independent and functioning students and citizens in their local communities.