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Software Purchasing

Software Purchases Approval workflow

The Technology Committee reviews potential software purchases to verify that they meet certain standards, including student data privacy requirements, integration, hardware/ software system requirements, etc.. Generally, a preference is given to systems that have the ability to work with Clever when rostering student and/or staff information is needed.


The technology committee is comprised of members from the technology, fiscal and curriculum departments, although other departments may be included depending on type of software being reviewed.


Please send potential software inquiries to Joshua Wittman,, x4095


Submit your software requests here.

Some things we review

  • Define mission.
  • Does the mission require technology? 
  • Determine software to meet goals. 
  • Determine hardware needed to run software. 
  • Determine “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) for software/hardware. 
    • Determine costs related to initial purchase.
    • Determine costs related to support of software/ hardware. 
    • Determine costs for sufficient training for users. 
    • Determine costs for upgrades & replacements over time.
    • Determine costs for ongoing support